Gaudí Concept again next to the figures of cinema

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Thursday 28th of June, 2012, 8 p.m., Summer Catalan Film Festival, Jardines del Palau Robert (Barcelona).   On the 28th of June, academics and professionals from the world of Catalan film got together with representatives from public institutions and the media at the 4th Summer Festival, organised by the Catalan Film Academy in the Palau [...]

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New Gaudí Concept Collection 2012

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GAUDÍ CONCEPT is inspired by the design of universal Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, adapted to the contemporary era, and faithful to the most avant-garde designs, values and trends. In general terms, it is a range aimed at the sophisticated and active man— mold-breakers who take pride in their appearance, but always look for the best [...]

Pepita's co

Inoue, master of manga, learns from Gaudí

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‘Pepita’ by Takehiko Inoue is an unusual publication that can be found in the manga, art and architecture sections of Tokyo book stores. A tribute to the life and work of Antoni Gaudí that conquered the manga master and reinterprets the unique modernist style of the Catalan architect with drawings that portray his most characteristic [...]


A touch of Gaudí in Vietnam

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In Dalat, in Vietnam, there is a house known by the locals as the “casa loca“, built by the architect Dang Viet Nga, the daughter of a communist ex-president, with one eye on the renowned catalonian architect. The building follows in the footsteps of the Sagrada Familia, a fairy tale building where impossible organic shapes [...]


Gaudí in “BD Barcelona Design”

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Last October the prominent company BD Barcelona Design opened new premises in the Pobleneu district of the city where it will display its historic designs, including works by Antoni Gaudí and other contemporary artists. This new showroom aims to become a meeting place for people from the world of design culture.

Gaudí: A source of inspiration

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At Gaudí Concept we have sought out writers and architects whose works remind us of Gaudí, maybe because he was as inspirational in the creation of their wonderful pieces as he is to us. Here is a small selection of the works that have most beguiled us.


Gaudí Concept at the Gaudí Award ceremony.

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24h. Gaudí Awards Party, Tryp Apolo Hotel, Barcelona, 6th of February, 2012 It was already past midnight when the guests at the IV edition of the Gaudí Awards ceremony – organised by the Acadèmia de les Arts i les Ciències Cinematogràfiques Catalanes – began to make their way into the banquet hall. Once there they [...]

The young Gaudí – converting obstacles into opportunities

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As a child, Gaudí was weak and delicate. Rheumatism caught him at a very early age and stayed with him throughout his life, making him a quiet, introverted child. Possibly for this reason, Antonio Gaudí developed his powers of observation to such an extent that his illness eventually became the opportunity that allowed him to [...]

A love of detail

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Antonio Gaudí had a true passion for detail, meticulously revising each and every one of his creations in an attempt to achieve perfection.  His talents went far beyond the merely architectural and he was involved in the design and creation of a range of decorative elements that included stained glass windows, furniture and ceramic compositions. [...]


Season Launch! 2012 convention

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On the 4th of January we launched the Gaudí Concept Season with a special convention in which we invited our national and international brand representatives to live the Gaudí experience. True to our campaign motto, “Be Yourself” we stepped up and gave creativity free reign. This creativity was expressed on the canvasses that were laid [...]